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Team Members

Team Members
  • Image of Deona Thomas

    Deona Thomas


    [email protected]
    Deona Thomas is the President/CEO of 5T Management where she brings her extensive management, marketing, financial and community relations experience. She is a licensed Managing Real Estate Broker with an emphasis on property management with ov...
  • Lexus Perry

    Assistant Property Manager

    [email protected]
    Lexus is new to the property management industry and is eager to learn and perform at the highest level in every area. Positions in management in the fields of hospitality and retail have equipped Lexus with the aptitude and communication skill ...
    Image of Lexus Perry
  • Image of Steve Thomas

    Steve Thomas

    Development and Acquisitions

    [email protected]
    Steve Thomas is a licensed General Contractor and real estate developer with over 25 years of experience. He is the President of 5T Construction. 5T Construction offers a full range of services specifically tailored to meet the unique requirem...
  • Linda Williams

    Assistant Affordable Property Manager

    [email protected]
    Linda Williams, has joined the 5T team with over 18 years of experience in housing with varying roles from Desk Monitor, to Development Clerk, followed by Administrative Assistant and Recertification Clerk. Each of the aforementioned roles affo ...
    Image of Linda Williams
  • Image of Lynnetta Hall

    Lynnetta Hall

    Assistant Property Manager

    [email protected]
    Lynnetta started her career in Customer Service in 1995 . She went on to manage many different departments over the years. In April of 2021, Lynnetta was offered an opportunity to use those customer service skills along with her attention to det...
  • Tiffany Moore

    Director Of Operations

    [email protected]
    Tiffany Moore serves as Operations Director for 5T Management. Moore has over 20 years' experience in support services, training and development; and over 17 years in mixed-income housing with a focus on resident engagement. Previously she was a ...
    Image of Tiffany Moore
  • Image of Christel Perrin

    Christel Perrin

    Senior Accountant

    [email protected]
    Christel Perrin has over 10 years of accounting experience in the real estate industry. She prides herself on being an educator, mentor and accountant with the ability to transform lives and businesses. She enjoys discovering new technological a...
  • Malarie Williams

    Assistant Property Manager

    [email protected]
    Malarie’s career in property management started 6 years ago as a front desk concierge at one of the newest high-rises in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood. She was then promoted to a Senior Resident Services Associate position with the same compa ...
    Image of Malarie Williams
  • Image of Brittani Brooks

    Brittani Brooks

    Compliance Officer

    [email protected]
    Brittnai experience in affordable housing management, and community development spans over 10 years. She is adept in diverse financed housing programs, interpreting and analyzing policy. Moreover, her experiences have afforded a well-rounded sk...
  • Mary Williams

    Senior Accountant

    [email protected]
    Mary Williams is an Accounting Professional with more than 30 years of accounting experience, predominantly within the Real Estate and Property Management industries. Mary began her career as a Data Entry Clerk, quickly moving up the ranks ...
    Image of Mary Williams
  • Image of Darius Hampton

    Darius Hampton

    Maintenance Supervisor

    [email protected]
    Darius is the maintenance supervisor at 5T management, where he supervises the maintenance staff as well as implements preventative care measures for 5T management. He develops schedules and strategic maintenance plans with administration. He ...
  • Tomeika Newton

    Property Accountant

    [email protected]
    Tomeika is a Mississippi native with over 5 years of experience working in the property management industry. She is a graduate of “THEE” Jackson State University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting. She is also a graduate of ...
    Image of Tomeika Newton
  • Image of Bianca Wiliams

    Bianca Wiliams

    Senior Property Manager

    [email protected]
    Bianca’s career in property management began 26 years ago. In 1995, she started as an Administrative Assistant for a General Manager in a family housing community. In a short period of time Bianca was promoted to Assistant Property Manager. I...
  • Marche' Emmons

    Administrative Assistant

    [email protected]
    Marche’ started her career in property management just one year ago in 2021, and she has already made long lasting impression on those she has come in contact with. Marche’ started off as a Administrative Assisstant, where she was then promoted ...
    Image of Marche' Emmons
  • Image of Amy Scott

    Amy Scott

    Affordable Property Manager

    [email protected]
    Amy’s career in property management started 21 years ago. In 2001 she started as an Administrative Assistant for a Property Manager. In a short period of time Amy was promoted to Assistant Property Manager. In 2015, Amy received another promotio...
  • Tasia Shine

    Project Manager

    [email protected]
    She has over 5 years of experience and has held a number of positions in the property management industry. Before joining 5T management in February 2017 she was located in the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area. She has overseen communities as l ...
    Image of Tasia Shine
  • Image of Hakim Eggleston

    Hakim Eggleston

    Market Property Manager

    [email protected]
    Hakim Eggleston is 5T Managements Market Property Manager. With over 14 years of market portfolio management experience, Mr. Eggleston has been successful in stabilizing Chicago neighborhoods such as: Hyde Park, Bronzeville, Greater Grand Crossi...
  • Tamela Franklin

    Englewood Property Manager

    [email protected]
    Tamela started her career in property management in 2020 as a Recertification Specialist. In 2021she was promoted to Assistant Property Manager, and then Property Manager. After a long wait Tamela started her career with ST Management May 10, 20 ...
    Image of Tamela Franklin